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Intensive growth of aircraft depot and continuous development of aeronautical engineering put new demands as to the security and regularity of flights. Young team was tasked to develop airborne and ground-airborne computerized control systems for aeronautical equipment.

In 60s and beginning of 70s first airborne computerized control systems for aeronautical equipment SAKTA-24, ASK-1 for the aircrafts of AN family, unique airborne-ground control system "Troyanda-2", compact airborne emergency registers of flight information "Tester" for civil and military aviation were developed and generally marketed in the USSR.

In 80s the Enterprise became a leading agency of Ministry for Aircraft Industry in the field of the development and production of aeronautical computerized control systems of aircraft equipment and power plants, emergency and operational flight information registers and ground processing systems. The developed and manufactured products were installed almost on all aircrafts of AKB Mikoyan, Sukhoy, Yakovlyev and on the major aircrafts and helicopters of AKB Antonov, TTo the topolyev, Ilyushin, Myasishchev, Beriyev, Mill. Thousands of systems, complexes and devices developed by OJSC "STC "Elektronprylad" are in use in many overseas countries.

OJSC STC Electronprylad's laboratory of tests

Enterprises of this Association were the first in the country who introduced the equipment and technology of equivalent and cycling testing of aeronautic equipment models. That allowed to achieve the required level of reliability within short period of time and minimize expenses.

Moreover, the developments of the enterprises were put into serial production at Kursk and Smolensk instrument plants, Saratov aggregate plant and Kizlyar mechanical plant.

OJSC "STC "Elektronprylad" is now mobile instrument making complex with closed scientific and research, designing, technological and production cycles. Modern computer technologies and CAD system methods are used in the process of designing and technological documentation development as well as for preproduction. The company has production basis and technological cycles, which allows to produce the aeronautical equipment of any complexity for the customer.

OJSC "STC "Elektronprylad" has its unique base for experimental testing and research of the manufactured products:
testing laboratory with complete complex of equipment for the evaluation of products functioning under the influence of mechanical and climatic factors, their combined impact inclusive;
expedition of the development and system flight tests, optimization of their maintenance during aeronautic equipment operation.